Invest in Toccoa-Stephens County


Every opportunity you have to re-invest in our community makes a difference! Spending $100 at a local independent business creates a ripple effect of $68 in additional local economic activity. If you spend that in a national chain, $43 stays in the community. Spend it online and nothing comes home. (

So think local first when you have something to buy. If we would intentionally divert a large chunk of the money we typically spend out of our county to locally owned businesses, the benefits would be considerable – financially and otherwise. 

Shopping local helps to create jobs and puts our tax dollars to good use. Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms -- continuing to strengthen the economic base and helping to build a vibrant community. 

Local businesses are generally owned by people who live in this community. They are less likely to leave, and more invested in the future of Toccoa/Stephens County.

Local businesses cater to local residents and provide more customer service. They often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling who take more time to get to know customers. They select products based not on a national sales plan but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers. 

Our local businesses help to preserve and enhance the social and cultural uniqueness of our community. “When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” ~ Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust. 

Local, independent businesses are the heart of any small town. They contribute to its unique character; provide diversity, options, personalized attention, and bring life to our historic buildings. Local businesses provide a unique experience for us to do so many things like get a haircut, buy a book, choose paint, make copies, get fresh produce, buy a personalized gift, find a great vintage dress, have a fresh biscuit or a cupcake, select a diamond ring, sell or buy a house, get a fishing or hunting license, cater a luncheon, have a meal, or fill a prescription.

Let’s work together to help keep our community of Toccoa-Stephens County unique. 

Each time we spend a dollar, we would do well to weigh the full value of our choice, not only for our own benefit, but also for what it means to the health and vitality of our community in the years to come.

Support YOUR home town…invest in Toccoa - Stephens County!

Julie PaysenComment