It's a New Day in Stephens County!

This week we have seen the fruit of the labor of many in Stephens County. For the past nine months hundreds of followers of Jesus have united across denominational lines to work together to help spread the Gospel of Christ to all who would listen. 

Putting aside their differences, over fifty Bible-believing churches have come together as the Body of Christ for the common goal of sharing the good news. Four nights this week, thousands met at the stadium and as a result, hundreds of lives have been forever changed. There are smiles on faces that weren't there before. 

There is hope in their eyes and a peace in their souls, a peace that passes all understanding. God is so good, His mercies are abundant, His grace is amazing…it’s a new day in Stephens County! What a blessing it is to be part of a community that is so intentional about keeping the main thing, the main thing. 

Just as we have seen in this example in our community, when we decide to be intentional for the purpose at hand, we can put aside personal differences and recognize each others’ strengths then we can best work better together and accomplish the goal! We are stronger together than alone. We have strong leadership in Toccoa-Stephens County, with a like-minded goal of bringing new industry, new opportunities and new jobs to our community. Our eyes are fixed on the prize! Fully utilizing all of our resources is the solution, and you are part of the plan.

It can be done…one step at a time. But we need your help! We have opportunities every day to make a difference. Don’t let them pass by. Find a place to serve. Shop here, volunteer here, invest here, start a business here, enjoy life here!

Our enemy delights when we get caught up in our petty differences and take our eyes off the goal. Let’s not get side-tracked but instead come together in one accord and be part of the plan to make Toccoa a town to remember!

Toccoa-Stephens County is a great place to do business and an even greater place to do life!

Julie PaysenComment