Toccoa Meets Hollywood!

Lights…camera…action! Our very own Toccoa is going to be in the movies! As you may have heard by now, it’s happening! INSP Films, a division of INSP Network out of Charlotte, North Carolina produces films that are inspiring, heartwarming and family-friendly is currently wrapping up the filming of their next feature film here in Stephens County, called “Heritage Falls.”

I have the privilege to be the Stephens County contact for Camera Ready Georgia and have had the distinct pleasure getting to work closely with the team from INSP. We are excited and certainly grateful that they have chosen our community for their next film. This process began in early March…of this year! When I met INSP Producer and Director, and they had a hit list of things that they were looking for before deciding where to shoot their next film. Of course, this was our opportunity to show off our community, and off we went to work our way through the list! It started off with “Would you happen to know of where we could find a remote cabin? And that was just the beginning…

Everywhere we went in this town… I was so very proud. Not only did we have the pieces of the puzzle that they were looking for, everyone was so excited to hear about the possibility of what might be coming our way. In the words of Gary Wheeler, VP of INSP Films,“We are thrilled to have an opportunity to work in Toccoa. The site has a natural beauty that makes it the perfect backdrop for this project. With location playing such a central role in the film, it was critical that we find the right environment. Toccoa and the surrounding area has exceeded our expectations.”

From the first day on location with gorgeous lake views, a breathtaking mountain top, to our quaint shops and restaurants on Main Street, Toccoa Falls, Trembly Bald, beautiful local homes, to caterers, lodging, you name it, we were happy to be able to show off this town. And as always, our local leadership with the City of Toccoa and Stephens County have all been so intentionally accommodating and welcoming. Our merchants and residents have shown such warm customer service. But that’s who we are in Toccoa-Stephens County! The people in our community set us apart…southern hospitality at its best!

Heritage Falls is a dramatic comedy that follows three generations of headstrong men as they venture into the American wilderness for a rugged weekend ‘retreat.’  In an effort to mend relationships, the family patriarch plans a rustic mountain getaway. What follows is a touching and humorous adventure that showcases the trials and triumphs of three generations of dramatically different family members as they are forced to come to terms with longstanding differences.

Of course, the production of Heritage Falls will generate income into our local economy. But in addition to that, we are thrilled that we have this opportunity to showcase our wonderful community and all the resources that are right in our midst. The word is getting out that Toccoa really does mean …more than “beautiful!”