Every Vote Counts

What a privilege we have in this United Stated of America to vote. That right was fought for and we must not take it for granted. Voting is our voice in the process of growing and improving our community, State and Country. With that in mind, The Chamber would like to provide the taxpayers and residents of Stephens County the opportunity to get to know the candidates of our 2016 Republican Primary a little better.

Join us tonight at The Schaefer Center for the first of two Town Hall Meetings. The Government Affairs Committee of the Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce and WNEG Radio are sponsoring the events. The format of each meeting will be such that each candidate will take the platform alone and will be given 2 minutes for an opening statement, then each candidate will be asked a series of questions and have two minutes to respond. Each candidate of the same race will be asked the same questions. The candidates will have 15 minutes to field questions and address the audience.

Questions must be submitted to The Chamber ahead of time or put in writing, signed and submitted before the beginning of the Town Hall Meeting to be considered. Please take advantage of this event to ask relevant, issue-based questions so that when it comes time to place your vote, you will be better informed.

Tonight the Town Hall Meeting will be held at The Schaefer Center and begins at 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm) the candidates will be welcomed to the stage from the following races:

  • Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney
    • Honorable George Christian
    • Bruce Russell, Jr.
  • U.S. House, 9th District
    • Congressman Doug Collins, Incumbent
    • Bernard Fontaine
    • Mike Scupin
    • Paul Broun
    • Roger Fitzpatrick
  • State Senate, 50th District
    • Senator John Wilkinson, Incumbent
    • Roy Benifield
  • Stephens County Sheriff
    • Sheriff Randy Shirley, Incumbent
    • Jim Davis

Next Thursday evening, April 21 st again at The Schaefer Center, 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm) we will host the candidates for the following races:

  • Chief Magistrate
    • Donald Tabor, Incumbent
    • Ralph Stowe
  • Stephens County School Board, At Large
    • Tony Crunkleton, Incumbent
    • Len Stovall
  • Stephens County School Board, District 3, Post 2
    • Jim Ledford, Incumbent
    • Mark Smith
  • Stephens County Commission, Post 2
    • Debbie Whitlock, Incumbent
    • Jonesy Haygood
    • Larry Krul
    • Henry Moore
    • Kenny Yearwood

We should all be aware of the challenges that exist in our community. We must see it as an opportunity to involve ourselves in the resolution process and elect the right leaders who will work hard on our behalf and forge through the challenges that we face. When we take advantage of our right to vote, we send the message that our Community, State and Country matter! Be a difference maker and VOTE!!

See you at the polls May 24th; early voting begins May 2nd.

Julie PaysenComment