Looking Back & Looking Ahead...

There's a good chance that over the past few weeks you have spent time reflecting over the events of 2015 and possibly looking ahead to the opportunities that 2016 will bring. 

Have you written out a list of New Year's Resolutions? There is much to be learned from our previous experiences. One benefit of writing out our goals and dreams is that we then have a measure to look back on, to see when we have actually reached those goals. We can learn from our achievements as well as from our shortcomings. We should always ask ourselves what went well? What could we have done differently? Did we accomplish what we set out to achieve? 

This holds true in our personal life, our professional life, and as a community as a whole. One thing that I have found since I have had the privilege to serve as president of the Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce is that our community has strong leadership. Across the board, there is a combined effort to come together and get the job done. There is a joint mindset that we can accomplish much more as a team than we can trying to go it alone. Recognizing the strength that exists in a community with joined forces is key to growth. This concept is our motto at The Chamber...One Band, One Sound. 

I have been in many a regional meeting and heard the challenges that other communities face with leadership that cannot get on the same page. It can be detrimental to the growth and strength in a community. We must be careful not to take for granted the blessing we have in Stephens County with leadership that works together. There is compromise and a win-win mindset and most importantly a mutual respect among the community leadership that keeps us on the same side, working hard for Team Toccoa!

We have so much to be excited about in Toccoa-Stephens County. We hear all the time as people visit our Welcome Center..."there is so much history here," "Such a quaint Main Street and historic downtown," "There is so much to do outdoors, hiking trails, beautiful waterfalls, lakes and mountains."

Our natural resources here are abundant! Our visitors see it! We have such a solid balance between our agriculture, industry, service and retail business, strong healthcare, and school system. The opportunities here are endless! We often hear from those visiting our community, "You have everything here!" 

The year 2015 was a big step in the right direction for Stephens County. We have seen growth and expansion in our existing industry, as ASI is expanding their operations. There is also much excitement with new industry, choosing to make Toccoa their home; as SARK Wire and NIFCO-KTW open their US facilities here. Stephens County IS on the map! Every new year brings new opportunities. Let's keep the momentum going! 

Come together, get on the team for 2016 and help make a difference. Toccoa-Stephens County is a great place to do business and an even great place to do life!

Julie PaysenComment