Finding Comfort in Discomfort

In light of the recent news in Stephens County, it would be easy for us to blame and criticize but instead we need to look for solutions. Sometimes we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. The reality of our circumstances is that we face some very difficult challenges. Life has gotten a little harder in Stephens County. We can choose to dwell on our circumstances or choose to focus our energy on finding solutions to our challenges. 

An even greater accomplishment would be to figure out what part we can each play in the solution. We often look outside of our community for our sources of relief but this is what I believe… I believe Stephens County is full of great people; these people are smart, strong and willing to persevere. What I’m saying is, the greatest resource we have in Stephens County, is our PEOPLE! We need to learn to work together, live together and rally together to face the challenges that are in front of us. 

I am a firm believer that attitude determines direction and we need to stay positive and encourage the people of our community. One of the ways we can do this is to patronize our local businesses, encourage and support our entrepreneurs with our business. If you have the means to invest, invest locally. Maybe all you can afford to do is speak words of encouragement and help those who are hurting.

I want to be known as part of the solution, not part of the problem. I would love to meet with each of you. Please stop by the Chamber office anytime and chat. Let’s work together to help make our town better! Because Toccoa Stephens County is a great place to do business and an even greater place to live!

Julie Paysen1 Comment