When We Last Spoke, Movie #5 in Toccoa-Stephens County!

You may have heard through the community grapevine, it’s happening again!

Yet another movie production in Toccoa! This will be the fifth movie filmed in our community in the last two and a half years. Our lovely, quaint town has much to offer the film industry and we are certainly grateful for the support from the State of Georgia who has made it quite attractive for production companies to do business here.

If you haven’t had the opportunity already, we want to make sure to welcome the film crew under the guidance of REELWORKS STUDIOS out of Charlotte, NC who have been in Toccoa for several weeks now prepping for production which began shooting July 11th, 2018. Shooting will continue through the end of July in various locations.


With heart, humor and some wonderful musical interludes, When We Last Spoke is a story set in the south in 1966 about a lovable but quirky family who’ve had more than their fair share of hard times. Two resilient and independent little girls, Juliet and Evangeline Cranbourne take us on a journey of tears and laughter as they deal with being abandoned by their mother and the untimely death of their father in war torn Vietnam. The girl’s grandparents, Walt and Ruby share a deep loving relationship, which is somewhat interrupted when they accept their forced upon role as guardians. To further their challenges, they are surprised soon after by another arrival at their doorstep … Walt’s aging and delusional mother.

Fast-forward to the mid-nineties, where the estranged sisters are not on speaking terms and in need of a good dose of Walt and Ruby’s wisdom. When We Last Spoke is a timeless story packed with rich characters and reflects the things that matter most—family, friends, love, and forgiveness.

How exciting is this to have another family friendly film shot in our community? Georgia was not only the number one State in the Country but also in the World for film and television production in 2017. According to Ellie Hensley of The Atlanta Business Chronicle, “the main reason for the industry's staggering growth is the State’s film incentive program, which awards up to 30 percent of what a production spends back in transferable tax credits that can then be sold on the free market.”

I am certain these incentives and our willingness locally to welcome and support such industry, gives the production companies the confidence to not only shoot here, but to consider bringing television shows here that could be long-lived and consider putting down roots. Georgia has stepped up to the plate and Toccoa-Stephens County has too. The television and film industry is economic development and we are the beneficiaries. The investment in Toccoa-Stephens County is real when a cast and crew of 50-100 people roll into our community for 6 weeks at a time. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into our local businesses.

Please join me as we roll out our hometown red carpet to the cast and crew of REELWORKS STUDIOS as they spend the next few weeks in Toccoa-Stephens County for the making of the film When We Last Spoke. For those of you interested in being in a family friendly film, they are seeking volunteer extras July 21-30. Specifically, July 25 is a great day for children to film in a playground scene. So start raiding your attic and favorite thrift store for vintage/retro clothing and email  ToccoaCasting@gmail.com to register today! To sneak a peek at the storyline of When We Last Spoke, go to the UTUBE channel and checkout the trailer on the book.

Julie PaysenComment