Let's Get on the Team!

Can you believe that the 2016 chapter has closed and the page has turned to another year? Welcome 2017, and we have hit the ground running! What does the turn of a new year mean to you? Have you set specific goals? Are you looking for a fresh start or simply moving on down the road that you’re on because it’s where you are meant to be?

This year called 2017 is a new beginning for all of us on many fronts.  But in the end…we are on the same team!

At this point, it matters not who each of us voted for in the elections… from the President of our great Nation right down to our local leadership. Or whether or not the folks that we voted for actually won. Though I will say, kudos to all who took the time to exercise their right to vote. We must do our part. At this point in the game, the decisions have been made and our leaders have accepted the challenge. Let us be careful to not underestimate the difficult jobs that they face. 

We waste our opportunity to make a difference if we spend our time arguing, grumbling and complaining. Do we all think just alike…of course not! How boring would that be?  Might we have some opposing ideas? Sure. Might we think that things could be handled differently. Sure. We must accept our differences and show respect to one another as we learn to work together to make this world a better place to be.

We are all created with different gifts and strengths that can be used best when we choose to work together to make a positive difference for the common good. Let’s be sure to stay on track and not get distracted bickering amongst ourselves. Don’t be part of the problem…be part of the solution! If we want our Nation, our State and our Community to be the best that it can be, to be most effective and prosperous, then we must all get on board. Join the team and get on the field.

What exactly does that look like in our little town? There are so many places to serve and ways to share your gifts and talents. Find the good things to talk about and to highlight…there are so many! We live in such a wonderful place, nestled here in the foothills of the mountains, full of natural resources, beauty and rich history. That’s a great place to start…

Would you like to invest in the life of a child…be a Mentor…it’s just an hour a week and makes a difference! Find a local charity to volunteer your time. Look into the local opportunities to volunteer at the Chamber, Community Events, The Arts and Community and Downtown Development. The list of ways to be a part and to make a difference is vast. 

Toccoa is a great place to do business and a greater place to do life! Purpose in 2017 to find a way to get on board…join the team! Team Toccoa-Stephens County! There is a place just for you…we need your help!

Julie PaysenComment